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I love Kahoot! But when I get out of the app the music still plays even when I delete it. It still plays when I watch YouTube and Netflix so I barely use my phone anymore because of Kahoot! Please fix this ASAP


I love star stable so when I saw I could take test for it I was like OMG YES!!!!! Omg love kahoot


Hey how Ty’s doing

Love it!

Kahoot! Is a very good game for the third grade class I am in. I once won first place on our Vikings test! The only problem is that sometimes when I am on my computer competing with my friends I sometimes have issues like when the next question is ready I can’t answer it because it’s still on the loading results screen from my last answered question. Thanks for your help, Kahoot!

Worst app ever

I can't even make my own Kahoolawe when I try it says a prombelen has occuried try again and I do it still does not work😡😡😡😡😡

Good for fun and learning

I use this to study and also use it for fun. :D Thx people who Kahoot. (‘-‘)

My classroom kids love this!

Great app, I hope we get an Apple TV version soon.


I hate it

Fun and Competitive

I love being able to play this in class. It forces the students to compete with each other to not only show off their name during the top 3, but their understanding of the subject to their teacher. That catchy game-pin tune is catchy. Only feature (as a student) I dislike is the “randomly generated name” option. While I understand that it is to deter vulgar names, it ruins the creative aspect that some students enjoy. Perhaps, instead, a word bank can be chosen to connect 2 or 3 words to form a name. That way we feel as though we are in control and still have a creativeness to our name rather than leaving it up to chance. Overall, an amazing educational app!

Won’t even let me put in my age to begin using app. FRUSTATING.

Please fix this, app developers. I’ll change my rating when I can actually get into the app and use it.

Very fun but no code to know

I love the app but it doesn’t show any code you can go too to play with other players…………

Editing Kahoots

There’s no edit button when I select My Kahoots...


I absolutely love it I play this with my cousins all the time SO AMAZING


It ok 😐😐😐😐😐😐


Awesome game

Use the webite....

This is cool and fun but...use the website...I cant create a kahoot...Please add that :). Also I love this so much Edit: No seriously. If you're on an Ipad and you click "Add kahoot", you'll end up on a website that doesn't work. You also dont play with real people. That would be cool.

Great app but...

First of all I love this app and I use it to study and it definitely helps me, there is one problem though. When I insert a youtube video in a question the timer doesn’t count down it just stays on what number I set it on please fix this because I want to be timed while using this app, Thanks!


It functions properly and is fun to use but I would like the ability to add custom profile pictures.


When ever I do Kahoot in class it never teaches any lesson it only teaches me to work fast and guess. The last complaint it that its servers are unreliable it always disconnects me from the game.


I love this app but currently, it won’t actually let me get into the app. Two questions pop up, and after answering the first question of how I want to use the app: as a student, but the second question of age won’t actually let me enter in my age. I try to tap on the box that says age but nothing happens. If you could please let me know how I can fix this, I would like to get back to using your app.


App is confusing because it doesn’t give answers only shapes. I am 8.


I love the new came and it is great to play with family and is great is a good I like to do a good job of the day and think you for cool came

love it!

I always use this app to study!


Sure, it was fun for a while. But whenever I get to the 33rd question of any game, it crashes.


Hello If you want to make homework fun.....wow that never came out of my mouth!?!?!! Anyway this app is very very fun my friend and family loves this app we play it after supper a the loser has to clean up the kitchen.

Great App

So many games you can do so much trivia it’s basically a trivia app one of the best in my opinion.

Bugs for everyone?

I’ve had the app for class for about 3-4 months, and whenever my teacher(s) host a Kahoot game (mostly my Spanish 1 teacher) the app will NOT load! I’ve tried using it on the schools WiFi and even my data, but every time I go to type in the pin code, it will not load. I’ve deleted the app, and I’m about to re-download it to see if it’ll fix it, but I don’t know if it will. It’s been doing this to every friend I know that also has the Kahoot! app, and it also does it if I try to go to Kahoot in the safari browser for the iPhone. Is it a bug involving iPhones only, or is it affecting everyone?

Cool trivia game.

Hello, my username in Kahoot is RyboyTrivia, and This is a awesome app.

I love kahoot

My teacher at school let’s us play kahoot at school we do math social studies and more. Thank you Kahoot makers


When it came out it was very fun to use now I can’t even have fun and very confused I’m not using this again I found a better app if you want re make and make it easier


It’s great! They need more gaming ones

This Kahoot! Is bad

This quiz game is bad when I maked a video link I don’t know what to do so I put video name but when I play it says failed to load video your poopy noob head

Easy to use app with no lag

I can easily use this in school to play Kahoot! with no problems. No lag, no crashes, no complaints from me.

What is going on?!

Now, I have used Kahoot in class before, so I know it DOES work. But why can’t I create my own Kahoot? I’ve tried on three different devices (iPad, iPhone, iMac), AND multiple emails! One thing may be my age, or that I sign up as a student. If this gets fixed, then I’ll consider changing my star rate. P.S. is it a possibility to delete accounts? Because if this gets fixed, I would like to use my email again with a WORKING kahoot.

The desktop version is better!!!!

I have a private unfinished quiz and people played It Give Us the abillity to Edit quizs and even make then unplayable and private

Do not buy

If you had a bad day lately do not play this game


Good school stuff


was a great app until you couldn’t change your nickname!


I absolutely love this game! Great for classroom instruction AND Corporate Training!

The best

me and my friends play this all the time this is so awesome and cool a great way to study

Question: How do I host games

I would like to challenge my friends but I have no idea how to host games from my phone. When I tap a game it says Play with Kahoot crew or challenge your friends. I tap challenge your friends and it asks me to log in or sign up. I log in and I press play and it goes to play with staff not challenge your friends. Please tell me how. I love your app and want to explore more. Thank you!

login Problem

It was good until I tried to create a game. It told me to log in and I entered the correct info and it says that it’s incorrect. I reset my password and entered it and when I tried to enter it it says Incorrect password. Idfk what’s going on. Idk what I should do PLEASE FIX


I didn’t but it was still fun


The kahoot app is awesome. I love testing my friends! I have made a ton of tests like a Matilda test and many others. This app is also educational I have made a math test! This app gets five stars!thank you kahoot




Kahoot is awesome but for some reason the kahoot music just keeps playing! but worst of all is THAT IT’S ALWAYS THERE EVEN IF YOUR NOT ON KAHOOT! PLEASE F@#KING FIX IT!

Kahoot Review

I love the app, we use it in school all the time. If there's one thing my classmates and I absolutely adore, it's the amazing soundtrack you guys have created. Please create a soundtrack.

Love it!

Kahoot is very effective in helping students learn and is very fun for them. I would highly recommend it. -E.L.S.


The Soundtrack sounds Good

I love it


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