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I love it


Get it.

This app is pretty dang Great! We use it at school all the time. It allows you to learn things quickly in a fun way, or you can just review what you already know.


This was the worst game I have ever played constant ads and pop ups that make me restart my Kahoot wish I could give it a lower rating😡😡😡


a very good study tool!


I'm sorry but when I was creating my kahoot my questions keep deleting.-. But i do like the quizzes that people make

The rebirth of Jesus Christ

Literally the best

Xmas Egg

I found it, nice touch! Make it more difficult next time :)


Good app but the only problem I’ve had it when I’ve tried to favorite Kahoots that other people made, they show up until I restart the app. Then they just dissapear.


Couldn't even get it to work in front of my class started having a breakdown and cried. I wish you could rate less than one star.


It takes forever to load

I love it 😍👍🏾

It's so educational and I just love it I use it to study test but it could use an update


It is fun to make your own and it is super fun with groups. This might be one way to get your siblings away from your stuff!😈 If you want to make your own Kahoot go to the website, sign in, there is a button to create a Kahoot. Then you can sign in on your apple device and play it! 🎮


Made me restart my entire kahoot quiz!


This app won’t let me sign up and it’s slow and it has to many errors

Deletes my quizzes

Please fix

Good game but bad question

The game is amazing but the quizzes are terrible I tried a riddle one and it asked what a penguin was I put bird but it said I got it wrong it said fish!!!!! I mean what in the world and one asked what was your favorite month that's a opinion!!!!!!!! I put October but it said September !!!!!!!! I got all of them wrong!!!!!! Just if you get the app do NOT do riddles!!!! That part is terrible 🐣


I like this app. Not love, like. I mean I feel like I'm playing the same Kahoot games over, and over. Gets kinda boring after a while. Also, I wanna go against real people. I don't think I am cause I had no wifi or data on my phone, and it still let me play. Other than that, fun & educational.

Good concept but needs the ability to have answers on the mobile device

So I get the whole point of this app is so a big group of people can learn together gathered around a big screen but it makes it so that it’s pretty much impossible to compete unless you’re all together. I do like this current setup but an option to display answers on the mobile device screen would be great.

What a great app!

Overall a great app that makes learning fun. More teachers should use this app to get their students’ attention. Although a great app, it’s really difficult to create an account within the app. You have to do so elsewhere and it makes it a tad bit complicated. Great app overall just need to improve the sign up feature.


This app has helped me through the years. It’s always there when I need it, it’s easily accessible and fun to use. ❤️😓😖🤯

I love Kahoot

I love Kahoot because it had a update.

This is a good start but

I honestly love Kahoot but the app keeps displaying a mostly white screen and nothing happens when I sign in or sign up or type in an pin and just so you developers know I’m running iOS 1.11.1

How many people can play?

How many people can play the game at the same time??

An answer

Many people are angry that you can’t create a kahoot. Just go to create.kahoot.it and it’s as simple as that


What is the pin to kahoot

I'm so mad!!!😡😡

Ok kahoot is my fav game at school but we don't create them so I got it so I can create one but I can't because the game won't let me!!!!i mean is that FAIR!!

Awesome App BUT...

It drains my battery (iPhone 6s) Still a great app to learn but that is a big issues that should be addressed before people stop using the app because of this.


I also can’t figure out how to create a Kahoot!...help me plz

Drains battery too much

No reason to either.


ty for making school less boring


I want to know how you create a kahoot on the app. I’ve tried to figure it out for half an hour. And I’ve also tried looking it up for half an hour. I’ve also tried to log into my account on the website so I can create a kahoot but it says that my account doesn’t exist. Can anyone help me????

Super dank

I love playing this game at school


Awesome app for kids or adults to learn in a fun way


How on EARTH do you make a Kahoot

I like this app, but...

I like this app, but I CAN’T CREATE AN ACCOUNT!

Completely Offensive

I don’t recommend to use if you are 9 and below.

Great Battery Saver!

Thank you for the time you have put in to make this app and Kahoot more enjoyable and easier to use! One thing that I would like to mention is the battery it uses when I am using the app. Overall, after continuously playing on the Kahoot app for 15 minutes, it only drained my battery 2%! To me, this is much better because the website uses much more battery and I would like to thank Kahoot and it's development staff for this wonderful enhancement and improvement they have made into their app and website. - From a 9th grade student who plays Kahoot :)

Slow af

Please make the enter pin actually work, thanks.

Hi kahoot as

Can you put kahoot on wii U, 3ds and Nintendo switch please

I can’t play from anywhere



It is a good game but how do you even create a game?



Great just kinda sensitive

Love the app and it’s helped tremendously with test! Just one thing that had always set me and my classmates of! How sensitive the screen is. I think y’all should add a submit button for after you answer you must click submit!! Y’all may not like this, but I wanted to make sure y’all were aware. There is nothing worse than being in first place but being moved down because of this! But overall this is a very well and put together app and I can’t wait to see as it grows in the future!!!

Pretty good

It's a good app

Old kahoot needs to come back

This is dumb I need a retarted app to do school work like ummm this is dumb kms

Great App but critical detail to fix!

Love the app for many reasons but there's one flaw that needs to be addressed: the timer! The timer blocks crucial information that prevents the player from an accurate deduction. Please move it off the problem screen. Thanks!

Timer placement

I love the questions. However, on a couple of questions, the timer was placed on crucial information. Because I couldn't read the info (due to the placement of the timer), I got the question wrong.

Small but weird

I was normally playing around with Kahoot! But something weird happened. Some reason when I was correct it said I was wrong.


This is a terrible app and you should NEVER play it at all.

Please fix the bug

The app for some reason won't let me play with my friends using the app and it says connection failure Btw this is using the new app update

  • send link to app