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Great Battery Saver!

Thank you for the time you have put in to make this app and Kahoot more enjoyable and easier to use! One thing that I would like to mention is the battery it uses when I am using the app. Overall, after continuously playing on the Kahoot app for 15 minutes, it only drained my battery 2%! To me, this is much better because the website uses much more battery and I would like to thank Kahoot and it's development staff for this wonderful enhancement and improvement they have made into their app and website. - From a 9th grade student who plays Kahoot :)

Slow af

Please make the enter pin actually work, thanks.

Hi kahoot as

Can you put kahoot on wii U, 3ds and Nintendo switch please

I can’t play from anywhere



It is a good game but how do you even create a game?



Great just kinda sensitive

Love the app and it’s helped tremendously with test! Just one thing that had always set me and my classmates of! How sensitive the screen is. I think y’all should add a submit button for after you answer you must click submit!! Y’all may not like this, but I wanted to make sure y’all were aware. There is nothing worse than being in first place but being moved down because of this! But overall this is a very well and put together app and I can’t wait to see as it grows in the future!!!

Pretty good

It's a good app

Old kahoot needs to come back

This is dumb I need a retarted app to do school work like ummm this is dumb kms

Great App but critical detail to fix!

Love the app for many reasons but there's one flaw that needs to be addressed: the timer! The timer blocks crucial information that prevents the player from an accurate deduction. Please move it off the problem screen. Thanks!

Timer placement

I love the questions. However, on a couple of questions, the timer was placed on crucial information. Because I couldn't read the info (due to the placement of the timer), I got the question wrong.

Small but weird

I was normally playing around with Kahoot! But something weird happened. Some reason when I was correct it said I was wrong.


This is a terrible app and you should NEVER play it at all.

Please fix the bug

The app for some reason won't let me play with my friends using the app and it says connection failure Btw this is using the new app update

The timer blocks some

It’s a fun app and has great quizzes but I have an iPhone 5s and for many questions, the timer blocks part of the question so I can’t answer it correctly.

Great App, Dude!

Awesome! I will use this app at school for quizzes! Next time I do a science quiz in next school issue, I will use it!

Ms Hess

I love Kahoot even more now with the ability to share this with my students as an assignment. They love the competition and it doesn't even feel like work! The new upgrade/ update is amazing.

Use the webite....

This is cool and fun but...use the website...I cant create a kahoot...Please add that :). Also I love this so much

I love this app

I love Kahoot. In 6th grade I had a teacher that would always play Kahoot and they're SO FUN! It improved my grade by 10 points and it's a very good way to educate people who hate doing worksheets. It's a really fun alternative.


Kahoot is the best thing ever download it now.

Battery Drain on iOS 11

This app drained a lot of battery on my iPhone 7 from using it for a few minutes.😠

Content creation?

Awesome app but I need to be able to create my games/trainings/surveys/etc straight from the app.

Please help

Hi I'm Matthew Whitaker. I'm blind and using Voiceover on my Apple devices. Can you make the app work better with Voiceover? All it is telling me are Kahoots made by people. Voiceover is a screenreader built into Apple devices.

Love the new app but...

I really wish there was a way you could mute the sound. Other than that great job on the new design!


I liked it!

hi sunshine please follow

oh gosh I love this app so far so much more fun than it does for my friends to be a good friend and a good teacher and I am an amazing app for all my family friends to friends with my friends family friends are great friends with family and stuff so I can do anything


Can they make it better for people with lower IOS versions?


Why do we need this? This app is slow , like really slow.....


Destiny said the app was better

It goes to fast

I trying to wait for the sever and it goes to the next question then it's times up when it's go to the next question

Game Pin doesn't work

We are all ready to play, downloaded the app, click "play" with anticipation, enter the game pin given, and it doesn't recognize it. You gave us the pin! How can it be the wrong one? Bummed.

Game pin

What's the game pin?


Their assigned pin code did not work

You should

You should put some servers on the right or left part of the screen so people not at school to have fun!!!!!!!!!


i have used kahoot before and i wanted to redownload it onto my new phone. i used the pin the app gave me and says it doesnt recognize the pin. like really?!

It is 😊

I like the game not the best but it is good of a game

Wena la wea

Recomiendo la aplicacion ql

Can't play

It gives me a code to put in and then it says we don't recognize that code

No luck

I put this app on my stepdaughter and stepsons iPods , I enter the pin and enter their nicknames, I get the screen "please don't refresh or leave this page. We're trying to reconnect you now. And then at the bottom it says "oops! You've disconnected. We are trying to reconnect you now." Frustrating, I give up.


I did the quiz, but I'm tying to open in my IPad, iPhone doesn't work. Says oops! You've disconnected. We're trying to reconnect you now. I just waste my time. I put a star but for me is not, nothing, nada.

Waste of time

Does not work. Don't bother with it. Game tells you to enter "123456" as a PIN. Downloaded and erased 3 times, it does not work. Tired it on my iPhone and iPad. Waste of time.

Needs to let you access your account from app

I made a Kahoot jumble and I want to have my friends play it but with the app, it isn't any better than the website. All it lets me do is enter a game pin. I can't go to my account and access my Kahoot jumble, which I think is really unfair and stupid. Other than that, I really enjoy the game, I sometimes played it in one if my classes and I had a lot of fun with it. I enjoy using it not only for school, but it would make a great social game for quizzes that people could make for others to play. It's a fun game, but should have more accessible from the app.

Great but...

I play this at my school and we had to do it on a big screen which I think is kinda stupid you can't see the questions on your screen. If you could I would totally get it but I won't so I deleted it. Also don't take us to your website when we open your app make the game from inside the app not transfer to safari but other wise it's fun


It was so bad I hate it


This game is so fun! I love playing it in school and at home with the family

Quizizz is better!!!

Quizizz is way better than kahoot. Every time you refresh it takes you out of the game and ruins it. Although it is fun there is some serious fixes to be made.


Cured aids

voiceover axesable????????????

love the game, but can you add voiceover screanreader from apple?


Got banned in my school



  • send link to app